Snow Leopard Lori - A story of snow leopard

In the Khunjerab National Park, a topic of “Snow Leopard” is sometimes on conversation. 

  The “Snow Leopard” is the leopard lives in the Himalaya mountain range, the Karakoram mountain range, the Hindu Kush mountain range and the Pamirs and has the long far covers all body to adjust the cold environment. (In the winter, the length of far becomes longer).  In the Khunjerab National Park, it predates a wild animal such as Ibex.  In the winter, it is observed to have moved down to near the Karakoram Highway.  

A video below is taken by Sultan Gohar who is a staff of the Khunjerab National Park on the Karakoram Highway on 25th March 2015.  (Source: the Khunjerab National Park)

About nine years ago, there was a cub of “Snow Leopard” named “Leo” in the office of the park, and it was my pleasure to see the cub on the way to cross the border of China, but it was moved to a zoo in the USA.

Later, about three years ago, a cub of “Snow Leopard” nearly drown was rescued in the frozen river.  It was assumed six months old and a female and named “Lori.”  It is three year since she has been living in a cage by the office of the park. 

Mr. Falman Razah who rescued Lori approaches her as same as she was a cub.  Lori is purring and comes close to him.

Lori is fawning on a staff of the national park.

Lori eats 3 kg meat every day.

Lori keeps this condition or she regains wildness ?

A plan in the future is “Leo” will return from the USA and live with Lori in a “rehabilitation facility” the USA supports to build in Nartal valley to breed, to make a training to regain wildness.  It would be launched in this winter.  However, there is an opinion against the plan because the environment would be changed.

Lastly but not least, this is a picture when Leo was a cub with Sultan Gohar of the Khunjerab National Park.
(Source: the Khunjerab National Park)

 Photo & Text: Mariko SAWADA

Video, Photo of Leo & Sultan Gohar : Credit to Gohar 
– KNP (Khunjerab National Park)