Himalayan Brown Bear of Deosai National Park

  I had nice sighting of Himalayan Brown Bear at Deosai national Park,
Bara-pani core zone.
It was month of October .... I spent 2 nights on the plateau in freezing weather.
It was -10 degree in the morning !!

Himalayan Brown Bear is the one of sub-species of Brown Bear.
Once a spread out in Himalaya Region but now we can see them only in
Northern Pakistan and Northern India.
Number has been decreased because of hunting, loosing their living territory.

 It is estimated 150-200 remain in Pakistan and 500-700 in India, only.

In the month of October, they try to eat maximum due to hibernation.

According to staff of DNP (Deosai National Park), it was counted 30-40 Bears in 1994, 
Now it increase up to 72 Bears in the last census of 2013. 

Health body before Hibernation ... !! 
They are fat enough before going to Hibernation, long winter sleep
from November to next May.

I pray for this beautiful, wonderful nature of Pakistan, be forever.

Photo & Text : Mariko SAWADA