Tourism Promotion in Pakistan

Ms. Mariko Sawada from Japan, she been to Pakistan more than 70 times she played the vital role for the promotion of tourism in Pakistan. In 2008 she  started sending Japanese tourists to Pakistan for cultural tours, but her great interest towards Pakistan brought her back on many inspection tours and she created variety of tours from sea level to the base camp of K2,

In 2012 she dreamt to be on top of Spantik 7028 meters high peak, but due to her health condition she could not make it & sent one of the climber Mr. Osamu in July 2013 he succeeded & surprised her after giving call from the top of Spantik.  Last October she did tour of Broghil  Valley & was invited by TCKP Touism Corportaion Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa.

Enjoying Yak riding in Shimshal Valley
Text by Saiyah
Photo by Yousaf Akhtar