Shimshal - Autumn Kuchi

Saiyah Travel - Islamabad organized tour to Shimshal Valley to witness the villagers coming back to village from high pastures knows as Shimshal Pamir, A Japanese tourists group always gave name as WELCOME KUCHI, KUCHI (MOVE) happens when all villagers move together from Village to high pastures with thousands of anmials including YAK, GOATS, SHEEP etc, in the month of May and come back in mid October.  We had wonderful experience last October 2014, walking back with villagers, Yak, Sheep and goats through TANG route is unforgettable experience.

Shimshali man - life with Yak  

What a lovely scene ! A shimshali man kiss to Yak !
We took 2 Yak for riding, both are named  "Ushkop" which mean "has been castrated".
Since Saiyah started "Yak Safari" in Shimshal, we have studied and developed how to ride, how to fix the equipment to the Yak.

Crossing Shuizherav River
Crossing Shuzerav river between Gar-e-Sar and Purien-e-Ben. Water was crystal clear in month of October.

Climb up to the pass
 Kuch or  migration of livestock start with baby Yak. Baby yak who was born in the Pamirs in the summer time will go to village for the first time.  In most of the case, mother yak stay in the Pamir and only baby Yak will head to the village.
We saw some baby yak who runs reverse the way because he wanted to meet his mother Yak in the Pamir.

Autumn Kuchi from Pamir
Then group of Sheep and goats follows.

Adver Sar Peak
View of Shimshal's White Horn, Adver Sar(6,400m) from Tang route.

Descending from Gar-e-sar
Gar-e-sar, last descending point before Shimshal Village. Here, we have nice view of Yazgar Glacier and lakes, Yazgar Sar.

Villager, waiting at Bridge
At the bridge, villagers were waiting arrival of their family!

At the end of Kuchi - Shimshal Village
After arrival to village, Yak, Sheep and goats were checked and taken to each house .... the end of Kuchi.

Photo & Text by Mariko SAWADA